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Pain Management

Pain Management

Communication Tools

Resources to helps patients talk more productively with their healthcare provider or pharmacist. These tools also help identify patterns in daily life that have an impact on pain.

Information for Patients

Resources to prepare patients for conversations with their physician, as well as educational materials on treatment options and expectations for opioid therapy.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

List of potential questions to facilitate communication with physicians regarding their opioid prescription and risk of abuse.

Misuse of Prescription Pain Relievers

Series of educational resources encouraging safe storage and use of prescription drugs to combat misuse, abuse and addiction.

Taking Opioids Responsibly

Taking Opioids Responsibly Patient information guide on long-term opioid therapy for chronic pain.

Learn Your Pain

A catalogue of the hundreds of documented pain disorders; meant to empower people to be active participants in their care, offer appropriate help as caregivers and understand pain.

Pain Medicine 411

Current, comprehensive, non-biased information about all types of medications intended for pain relief, both prescription and over-the-counter, so that people with pain and their caregivers can work with healthcare professionals to make educated decisions about the use of these medicines in their care plans.

Safe Storage & Disposal

Safe Storage & Disposal

Eight Opioid Safety Principles for Patients and Caregivers

A handout with important safety principles to keep in mind for patients and caregivers.

DEA Diversion Control Division: Controlled Substance Public Disposal Location Look-up

A safe disposal location tool in which visitors can enter their zip code to find locations near them.

Be Medwise

Information to improve health and stimulate conversation between healthcare professionals and patients about the safe, appropriate use of medicines.

Medicine Abuse Project

Education on how to safeguard families and communities from the opioid crisis.

Addiction Support

Abuse & Addiction Support

Facing Addiction Resources Hub

Using mapping technology, the hub provides resources specific to prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery support efforts across the country.

10 Warning Signs of Prescription Painkiller Dependency

Signs to watch for if someone may be experiencing an opioid medication dependency.

Addiction Questionnaire

List of important questions to ask about prescription drug use.

Patient Materials

Resources including online tools on the science of addiction and facts about drugs.

Get Help & Support

Helps families struggling with their child’s substance use.

Find Help & Treatment

Find addiction treatment facilities and programs, information on locating healthcare professionals authorized to treat opioid use disorders and access SAMHSA’s national help hotlines.