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When pain is acute

When pain is acute, there's usually a clear cause, such as surgery or an injury. Pain may start as acute, but it can become chronic if it persists or gets worse over time. For example, in the event of an injury, chronic pain can remain even after the injury heals. In some cases, chronic pain can occur and the cause may not be obvious.1

Pain can affect any part of the body. Common forms of pain include headaches, back and neck pain, joint pain from nerve damage, pain resulting from an injury, cancer pain and pain-related conditions.1

Types of pain

Acute Pain
  • Lasts for up to three months
  • Cause is usually known, such as an injury2
Chronic Pain
  • Typically lasts longer than three months or past the time of normal tissue healing
  • Cause is not necessarily known; can be a result of an underlying medical condition or treatment, disease, injury or inflammation2

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